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Re-balancing: Thoughts on the Earth

Posted by Karen on March 17, 2011

I just read this article from Caroline Myss, whom I always love for her bigger context spiritual perspective.

To quote a passage I liked in particular

I have heard many people make the comment, “Mother Nature is angry,” and that’s why these events are happening. I’m not all that certain that Mother Nature functions from the same emotional system of “anger-vengeance/love-reward” that human beings do. I certainly hope not. Given that Mother Nature was an active, alive force long before we occupied this planet, I suspect that She is far more of a cosmic system of intelligence, transcendent of emotions such as anger or vengeance. Rather, if anything, I suspect that the way to understand Mother Nature is best found through the study of the Tao — the study of the laws of balance that essentially govern the activity of Nature. When Nature is out of balance, the system itself will initiate whatever action it must take in order to reestablish an environment capable of sustaining all life — not just human life, but all life. Within the realm of Nature, all life is equal. Life is precious because it is life, not because it is human life or wealthy life or educated life or young life — but because it is life.

I love being reminded of how short and insignificant my life here is on the whole, whilst being also reminded how precious and important it is to the whole at the same time. It can make your head spin to get to the truth of that dichotomy, and it can also, with understanding, bring a sense of calm and centeredness.

It’s not about how far we get in life and the achievements we stack up along the way. It’s the quality of our life that’s important, and our willingness to connect with the whole of Life and be of service to our community – not just people but Earth itself – along the Way.

At the end of her article Myss says this:

We are truly learning an enormous cosmic truth: We are one. And we are meant to use that truth to pray together, heal our fellow human beings together and heal our beloved Earth together. Put your soul to work.

The essence of “The Job of Your Life” is to “put your soul to work” by finding out what makes you come “alive” and doing that with all your heart, soul and mind involved. The best thing we can do is find our place in the world and do that with as much awareness, humility, grace and love as we can – or as Deepak Chopra says “find your unique gifts and serve the world with them”.

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