The Job of Your Life with Karen Schaffer

Get out of your rut and find your passion

About The Job of Your Life

The Job of Your LifeLet Karen Schaffer guide you step-by-step through the psychological and emotional ups and downs of a career exploration and job search. 

Have you ever tried writing your resume and then realized you didn’t know what job you were writing for?

Have you ever felt like you had to be someone other than you to get hired?

Do you want to change your career but feel stuck, discouraged or plain old lost?

Sentor Media is proud to present The Job of Your Life: Groundbreaking Steps for Getting the Work You Want in this special 2nd edition. Karen Schaffer will take you step-by-step through the ups and downs of the career exploration process, and then how to be yourself in the crazy-making world of the job search. This special edition includes a brand new step “Spaciousness” that addresses the “in between” stage – when you’ve done lots of exploring but aren’t quite ready for the job search.

Two things make this book unique among career books:

1) It’s one of the few that delineates the difference between a career exploration and a job search, uncovering not just the thinking behind each stage, but the emotional roadblocks that get in the way from completing the process successfully.

2) It’s real and relatable. Reading this book is like hanging out with a friend over coffee and talking about the meaning of life. Karen’s sense of humour and powerful insights carry you through the toughest parts of finding the right work for you.

 This book will change the way you look at your career path – and your life.

Read an excerpt here or here.

You don’t have to take our word for it – take the word of some of The Job of Your Life’s many fans:

“I am in the throws of charting a new life work path and The Job of Your Life is the most down-to-earth, enlightening and helpful – and I have read many, many books on this topic”. Cindy J., reader
“Having worked in the career counseling field, I found your book to be one of the best ones I have read (and a Canadian author besides!)”. David D., reader

 “I loved your book!  It is one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read on finding your career path in life and I’ve been recommending it to many people….I have never had so much fun looking for a job or felt more at ease with the process”. Christine L., reader

“I read “The Job of Your Life” pretty much from cover to cover about two years ago.  This month I went through the Anniversary Edition, re-visiting parts of the book from before and taking in the additions…I’m in that “spaciousness” section… I have appreciated both [Karen’s] philosophy (on life, as well as careers!) and the more technical information the book contains.  The Job of Your Life is at the top of my list of career books (and I’ve read a whole bunch, believe me!!)”. Renata V., reader

“I’m really excited about the prospects the first few chapters have already opened up for me – I feel so much less trapped already!”         Ellen E, reader

 “Thank you for writing such a fantastic book. I actually picked up the phone today and talked to a HR manager who was quite friendly. I learned how to do this in an unthreatening way from the suggestions in your book”. Lisa V., reader

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