The Job of Your Life with Karen Schaffer

Get out of your rut and find your passion

Excerpt #2 – If Your Head Keeps Hitting the Same Wall Over and Over, You Might Want to Have a Discussion with Your Head, Not the Wall

“I know there are lots of you who see some aspects of your life that you’d like to change or make even more phenomenal. Those of you with lives that are “fine” (which, by the way, is perfectly legitimate), ask yourselves, “Where would it be great to have it even better?” The difficulty comes when we try and make the leap to “better” and we are yanked back to where we are, and then we sit there frustrated, like a dog that can’t get at its toy under the radiator, but doesn’t quite know what to do about it.

Without knowing some of the underlying patterns to the things you do and the values that you hold right now, you can’t move forward. It’s like trying to start a business but refusing to check and see how much money you’ve got in the bank. That is why some of you have been trying to “change” yourselves for years without results. And why some of you have been banging into the same walls over and over. Ever notice how the same jerk shows up in your office over and over? How you attract the same type of boyfriend or girlfriend over and over? How people always seem to screw you in the same way? Or that people consistently betray you or want too much from you or don’t understand you or go psychotic on you or treat you badly?

Or, more positively, have you noticed that you always get along well with one gender? Do you have good luck with money? Does the boss always end up liking you? Do you seem to be able to meet people who help you out with your career?

You each have patterns that show up again and again. And as you stand there thanking the stars or screaming at the moon for the things that happen in your life, ask yourself the question: What is the one constant in all the things you’ve been through in life?

You were there.

There are no accidents. Those negative or irritating things in your life – the place you are not satisfied – are not there as some random comic jest. They are you inner Self’s way of trying to make a point. It’s just You trying to get your attention. This is not a bad thing. Once you’ve tired of dating the same jerk over and over, you’ll eventually get to a point where you’re ready to say, “OK, what’s up with that?” It may take two months, it may take twenty-five years. But given your natural intelligence, eventually it’ll kick in and you’ll be ready to do something about it.

You will know that you are getting closer to your Self when new things start to happen. New people show up. New words are being spoken to you. Lots of different things happen at once that seem related. There is a synchronicity to events. More happens to you in less time. You’ll start to handle situations and people differently. Oh, and the added bonus to getting related to yourself is that it becomes much easier to get yourself a job that you love”.

Karen Schaffer, “The Job of Your Life”

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