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A Different Way of Looking at Your Career Exploration

Posted by Karen on February 4, 2009

As the only intelligent surveyor of a seemingly barren universe, man is prone to have too high an opinion of himself. In actual fact, humanity, at this stage, is like a castaway child trying, without knowing it, to prepare itself for a superhuman role in the aeons to come.Β  Gopi Krishna

I am reading Gopi Krishna’s text on Kundalini (Kundalini is a – nay…theΒ Life Force energy typically pictured as a snake coiled at the base of the spine). Gopi Krishna writes that Kundalini is at the source of all mysticism and wonder, and at the mystic heart of every discipline and religion. I love this quote – it suggests that while we often think we’re at our zenith in terms of human ability, we are, as ever, babes crawling on the floor of the universe.

That means there is lots of undiscovered potential within us.

Imagine if what you were doing was more than just an individual career exploration…it was also a part of a greater transformation of what’s possible for human beings.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Wouldn’t that also explain why it can be so hard and frustrating?

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