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Moment of Gratitude for #BeOriginal

Posted by Karen on October 10, 2009

Learning all about Twitter these days…which is a little distracting from this dear blog, but a good way to touch base daily with online creativity. 

One of the cool things you can do on Twitter is add a hashtag (#) in front of a topic that allows users to find comments and tweets on that subject. One of my favourites is #beoriginal that allows people to generate their own quotes and tweet them to others.

It’s quite a challenge to share thoughts from The Job of Your Life (I’ve discovered I write LONG sentences…under 140 characters is rare) and yet quite fun. Takes me back to my Grade 12 English class when I learned about “precis” – the art of writing short.

Anyway…here’s a link to a bunch of #beoriginal quotations – lots of great advice and insight…including some from JOYL.

Thanks to Joan Koerber Walker for creating the original #beoriginal hashtag and then capturing  the results on a dedicated web page!

p.s. And follow me on Twitter at  – My tweets show up below left on this blog but not as neatly as in the Twitter-verse, and only five at a time. You don’t need your own account to follow someone. That’s one of the rad things about Twitter…lurking is totally cool.

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