The Job of Your Life with Karen Schaffer

Get out of your rut and find your passion

Yoga of Career Exploration

~ using the practice and principles of yoga to create new insights, breakthroughs and actions in career direction ~

Perfect For:

  • Yoga Lovers who want to bring their practice to their career questions
  • Non-yoga people who are tired of analyzing their career and want to try something different
  • Anyone who’s thought β€œWhat am I doing with my life?” and can’t come up with a soul-satisfying answer

Β Previous participants post-workshop say they feel:

β€œβ€¦relaxed and on the right track” β€œβ€¦inspired and confident” β€œβ€¦lighter, a sense of calm”

I will once again be leading my workshop “Yoga of Career Exploration” in Halifax, Nova Scotia this upcoming fall. This time I will be offering the workshop on two days, with a couple of weeks in between to leave some spaciousness to process the first day and build on it. I have been working with the principles of yoga in career discovery for nearly a decade now, running workshops since 2006. The practice of yoga can deeply inform the process of discovering what your “true” work could be, and conversely, awakening the connection between inner self discovery and yoga can enrich your practice.

Some of the concepts we will be exploring are:

Playfulness: a creative process of exploration without expectation or attachment to outcome.

Going to the “Edge”: Safely challenging personal norms, beliefs, self-concepts.

Spaciousness: Engaging with the natural ebb and flow of insight and action by actively creating and acknowledging space in the process.

Quiet Mind Reflection: Moments with no outer stimulus when the mind has time to grow still.

Boundary Setting: A safe enclave from which to explore without expectation from yourself or others.

Self-Care: To deeply nurture oneself by discovering what you need and honouring it.

Self-Trust: Inner decision-making that emanates deeply from the self.

Acceptance: To be where you are right now, without judgement, and creating a path free from resistance.

For workshop details, please click here.

For more about Karen, please click here.

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